What you'll need

Computer stuff

You’ll do all your work on the Web. You’ll need:

  • A computer connected to the Web
  • A Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, whatever you like)
  • This Web site
  • A Web hosting account to run Drupal
  • A Drupal reference book

For a book, try “Learning Drupal 8” by Abbott and Jones. You can get it from Packt, Amazon, or other places.

I prefer digital editions. They’re easier to carry around, and cheaper. Cheap is good. If you prefer paper, that’s fine.

You might want a mobile device, like a tablet or a smartphone, to check how your systems look on mobile browsers. That’s optional, though.

Web hosting

You’ll need a home on the Web to run your Drupal sites. The easiest thing to do is to sign up for an account at Reclaim Hosting. A student account is good to start with. It’s cheap, and it works. Cheap is good.

Choose a domain, like desperatepixels.com, girlgonegeek.com, janetrobertson.info, whatever you like.


You’ll need about 120 hours to complete the course. That’s a guess. Everyone is different.