Case 1a: Adopt-a-Dog

Woof! Adopt-a-Dog is a nonprofit that helps find homes for dogs, and dogs for homes. It has a building in Yourtown, with a kennel, a small veterinary clinic, a general purpose room, and office space.

Adopt-a-Dog offers several services. First, Adopt-a-Dog collects unwanted dogs. They live in the kennel, until a local human adopts them. Each dog is vaccinated. There’s an adoption fee.

Second, Adopt-a-Dog offers dog obedience classes for a fee. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Third, Adopt-a-Dog offers basic canine veterinary services at low cost. Checkups, vaccinations, and such.

Dog love Besides service fees, Adopt-a-Dog has fundraising campaigns to pay for kennel operations, building maintenance, etc.

About 20 people work at Adopt-a-Dog. Most are part-time volunteers, and work for free (although they get a lot of dog love). A director and a caretaker get stipends, though not equivalent to a full salary.

Let’s build a Web site for Adopt-a-Dog, using Drupal. You can see the final result.

Before we start, let’s talk about how we’re going to run the project.