Page hierarchy model

Let’s list the requirements again.


  • What project teams could I join?
  • What events are coming up?
  • What are the rules for:
    • Starting a project
    • Recommending a speaker
  • Works on a phone


  • Contact members about meetings, projects…
  • Find out who hasn’t paid their dues
  • Know who to contact about project status
  • Publicize the org

Potential members

  • What does the org do?
  • Why would I want to join?
  • What projects are they working on?
  • Who can join?
  • Do I have what it takes to work on a project?
  • What does the org expect from members?
  • How do I get more info?
  • Works on a phone

Let’s start with a list of pages, and see how it looks.

  • Welcome
  • About Gamerz
    • Why join?
    • Who can join?
    • Working on projects
    • The rules
  • Members
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Contact

Not bad. For members and potential members, it’s easy to see which page would give which information.

What about the managers? For now, let’s add some more pages for special manager views:

  • Members (managers)
  • Projects (managers)
  • Events (managers)

We might end up doing something different, but this is OK for now.

Hey, dudes! What about publicizing Gamerz? That’s one of the goals.

Social media is a good way. We should link up our site to Facebook, and other things.

I’d put social media links on every page.

One more thing. Make sure the social media things are easy to see on a phone, as well as a computer.

Let’s add some notes to the page hierarchy model:


  • Social media links on every page