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Exercise Summary Referenced in
Add a contact page Add a contact page to your site. Build
Add multivalued fields to martians Add multivalued fields to the martian content type. Multivalued fields
Add multivalued fields to sloth Add multivalued fields to the sloth content type. Multivalued fields
Another Drupal Install another Drupal instance in the subdomain @cowbooks@. Case 3a: Exhibition
Build a KMS
Comment counting view Make a view that shows the number of comments on each sloth. Comments
Communications control panel Menus
eMe look-and-feel Decide on the look-and-feel of your eMe.
eMe page hierarchy Create a page hierarchy for your eMe. Models
eMe requirements Do a requirements analysis for your eMe. Make is specific to yourself. Requirements
Gimme them fields List fields for a few content types. Content types
Grid of names and photos Make a grid that shows people's last names and photos. Views
Hobbies taxonomy Add a hobbies taxonomy, and two reference fields. Taxonomies
Install a new module Install and configure a module. Modules
Install Drupal for your eMe Install Drupal for your eMe. Case 1b: eMe
Install Drupal in a subdomain Install Drupal in a subdomain. Install Drupal
List of women List the names and birth dates of women. Views
Make a block Make a block that shows only on the home page, and only for administrators. Regions and blocks
Make a dog content type Make a Dog content type. More practice: content types
Make a martian content type Make a content type for martians. Martians