Exhibit content type

Each exhibit has one node of the Exhibit content type. So if there are 20 exhibits, there will be 20 nodes. Drupal will create a Web page for each node. That’s how we get a Web page for each exhibit.

There are the fields for Exhibit, in the order they appear on the edit form, along with their widget types:

Exhibit fields

Name is the node’s title field. It’s still the title field internally, but is relabeled “Name” when shown to the user. You can set this up on the content type’s edit page:

Title is name

Description is really the body field, with a different label. You can see this on the Manage fields tab:

Body is description

The machine name is body, but the label for the user is Description.

Here are the fields again:

Exhibit fields

Keywords is a taxonomy term reference:

Taxonomy reference

Contact person is a text field; type in someone’s name.