Case 3a: Exhibition

Dancers Your local government wants to organize an exhibition to promote community activities. Local groups and companies can rent tables, to show their stuff. Birders, dojos, dance studios, gamer clans, whatevs. There are some rules. Like no adult-only stuff, no weapons, and no animals.

The exhibition will be over three days, Friday to Sunday, in the Community Center. The exhibition will be open from 11am to 9pm each day. Tickets cost $5 per adult and $2 per child ages 4-12. Children under 3 are free.

Visitors can enter drawings for door prizes. When they buy their tickets, they can (if they want) fill in a slip of paper with their name and email (or telephone number). There’ll be first and second prizes each day. That is, first and second for Friday, first and second for Saturday, and first and second for Sunday. The prizes will be donated by the exhibitors. The prize donors will want some extra publicity.

There’ll be fifty tables available, spread across three rooms. Exhibitors can reserve a table in advance. A fee of $100 covers all three days. The Community Center will provide each exhibitor with a table, two chairs, a table cloth, and a power strip.

Sylvia is going to organize the show. She’s a city employee.



She could do it all on paper…


Sylvia trying to do it all herself

… but she values her sanity.

The city hires you to help. You’re going to build an IS with your fave software, Drupal.

Let’s build it together, using the project model:

  • Requirements
  • Models
  • Build

But wait, there’s more! There’ll be exercises, where you’ll use what you’ll learn to create an IS for a cow’s library. Turn in your work for sweet, tasty feedback.

You’ll use two Drupal instances in this part of the course, plus whatever your instructor asks for. They are:

  • A Drupal for the exhibition IS. As you read through this part of the course, you can follow along.
  • A Drupal for exercises you’ll turn in. A cow. Books. (Really.)

The exhibition in particular will end up being a nice IS. You can keep it as part of your work portfolio.

Exercise: Another Drupal
Install another Drupal instance, in the subdomain exhibition. You’ll use it to follow along with this part of the course. Do it the same way as before:

  • Make a subdomain.
  • Install Drupal 8 with Installatron.

Submit the URL of site.

(If you were logged in as a student, you could submit an exercise solution, and get some feedback.)

Before we start with the design process, let’s look at two new ideas: content types, and views.