Contact form


The Contact module is enabled by default when you install Drupal. It creates a contact form at /contact. The team made some changes to it, though.

Page title

They changed the page title from its default of “Website feedback”. They went to Structure | Contact, chose the form, and typed a new label.


The team added some instructions at the top of the form. They made a custom block, placed it in the Content region, and set it to show only for the URL /contact.


The team used the CAPTCHA module. You learned about it earlier.

Weehoo! Contact form achieved.



You need to make sure that anonymous users (and authenticated users) can use the contact form. Go to People | Permissions, and scroll down to the Contact section. Make sure Anonymous and Authenticated users have permission:



Exercise: Your gamerz: contact page
Set up a contact form for your gamerz site. Make it work like the one on the sample site.

  • Make sure anonymous users have access
  • Instructions at the top of the form
  • Main menu entry

Submit the URL of your site, and the login credentials for user 1.

(If you were logged in as a student, you could submit an exercise solution, and get some feedback.)