Running information systems projects

So, we’re going to make a Web site for Adopt-a-Dog. We need to organize the work, so that we end up with something that does the job.

Don’t rush in to the fun tech work, without understanding business goals. You’ll end up with a system that doesn’t do what needs to be done.

Organizing projects is one of the Big Ideas of BIS. Big Ideas help you make sense of complicated things. The BIS project model helps you make sense of how to build a successful system.

Dog Dozens of books have been written on organizing BIS projects. Let’s simplify things to three tasks:

  • Identify requirements. What should the system do?
  • Model. Describe what the system does and how it works.
  • Build. Make it.

Big Idea

Model for BIS projects

Projects boil down into three tasks:

  • Requirements. What are the system’s goals?
  • Model. Describe the system you want to build.
  • Build. Do it.

Let’s talk about each task.