The exhibitors

Marcus has a question.

I’m still confused about the exhibitors. What’s going on?
Each exhibitor will have a page, like this:

Exhibitor page

Exhibitors will edit their own pages. For that, every exhibitor will have an account, that is, a username and password. When they login and go to their own page, they’ll see an edit tab:

Edit tab

Oh! That’s just like we do when we make a site.

Idea! They should have some instructions on what to do. How about a block that links to some help? Only exhibitors should be able to see it, though.

Here’s what that would look like:

Help block

So when they click Edit, they get the normal edit form we’re used to.
Edit form

The site will need a way for exhibitors to get accounts, pay for their exhibit tables, etc. That’s a set of manual and automated steps called a workflow. We’ll go over the exhibitor workflow later.