Lists and reports

The site will have a bunch of lists on it. For example, there’s the list of exhibitors. You can see what it looks like. This list is available to anyone using the site.

Some lists are only available to Sylvia, like a list of all the unpublished exhibit pages. Remember that these are pages that Sylvia wants to check before they are approved.

Unpublished exhibitor pages

Here is a list of the lists we need, and who can see them:

  • Exhibitors
    • All exhibitors (all roles)
    • For a keyword (all roles)
  • Keyword list (all roles) – click one to get a list of exhibitors
  • Prizes (all roles)
  • Unpublished exhibit pages (Exhibition manager)
  • All users (Exhibition manager)

All exhibitors list

For each exhibitor, we want to show their name, exhibit room and table, and keywords.

Dark Dojo Lathar room, table 3 Martial arts,
Julie’s Dance Jute room, table 8 Dance,

We can make a view for that. You learned about views earlier. Check out the list on the sample site. But wait… we can do a neat trick here. Sylvia wants to be able to edit any exhibit page. How about we add an edit link to the list? Like this:

Edit link

The link is visible to Sylvia, but nobody else. W00t!

Here’s how the view is designed. First, you tell Views that you want to list nodes of the exhibit content type. You want an unformatted list of fields.

Want fields

Then you choose the fields you want on the list:


The last one is the Edit link you saw earlier. It’s a regular entry on the Views field list that shows when you add a field:

Field list

You don’t have to tell Views to show that to Sylvia only. Views will check permissions for you, and only show fields that each user is permitted to see. Since anonymous users can’t edit content, the link won’t show for them.

The table field is hidden:


What’s the deal?

Room and table are separate fields in the content type:

Separate fields

On the list, we want to show them in one field:


Hide the room field, and rewrite the table field. That lets you customize the usual way Views shows the field. One thing you can do is show other fields along with the table field, like the room field we just hid:


The filter criteria limit the view to showing published exhibit data. The data is sorted by title.

Filter and sorting

Exhibitors list for anonymous users, one keyword

For each exhibitor, show their name, table, and all keywords.


Dark Dojo Lathar room, table 3 Martial arts,
Julie’s Dance Jute room, table 8 Dance,

Keywords list for anonymous users

Cooking Games Fitness Health …


What are reports?

Report list

Report design