Install Drupal

The org bought a domain for the site. They installed D8, using the instructions you used earlier, with some minor differences.

The sample solution is in a subdomain. You can tell from the URL: The domain is The subdomain is gamerz. Installing D8 in a subdomain lets me make sure that the different instances of Drupal (gamerz, adoptadog, etc.) don’t interfere with each other.

The team installed D8 in their new domain itself, not a subdomain. So:

  • They didn’t create a subdomain.
  • They uploaded D8 to the public_html directory.

Other than that, they did the same as before. Created a DB, created a user, gave the user permission to access the DB… the usual.

You already have a D8 in the subdomain gamerz on your domain. If you haven’t, make it.