Earlier, the team made a list of the views the IS needs:

  • Members (public)
  • People (manager)
  • Members with unpaid dues (manager)
  • Projects (public)
  • Projects (manager)
  • Events (public and manager)

Time to make them.

You can see the public views on the site. To see what the IS looks like for an org manager, go to the IS’s login page, and login with user name manager and password password. You can see all the edit pages, but you won’t be able to change anything.



Content types

You can try the IS at Go there now. Open it in a new browser window, side-by-side with the window you’re looking at now. Makes it easier to talk about.

You can hide the blocks on the right of this screen by clicking the – (minus) that’s near the top of the blocks on the right:


Also, try shrinking this window, and the exhibition system window. They can get quite narrow.

Opened the other window? Good.